Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My neighbors got engaged. It was the coolest thing ever because they're also very close friends. Evan and Stephanie are always there for me. When I'm gone 15 hours a day working weddings in Madison and Chicago, they're there to let out my dog and make sure he gets plenty of love and attention. They drop what they're doing if I ever need friends. Stephanie and I bore through long cold winters cuddling with Winston and watching movie and movie.

Stephanie kept asking and asking, "Will you do our engagement photos?!" And of course I obliged. We got to play around with lighting and approach our session quite casually since we're close friends and it truly paid off. We used storm clouds and speedlights and guns and abandoned farms outside of Rockford, IL for a few hours.

Here's some of my favorites from the day! Congratulations to Evan and Stephanie on your engagement and I'm excited for your wedding next year! Also. We might have to do this ONE more time. I forgot a couple other ideas I wanted to try out. And who better than some of my close friends! Love ya guys.

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